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What Are The Characteristics And Functions Of Electric Power Fittings?

Jan. 07, 2019

Power fittings are a collective term and a collective term. Power fittings are mainly used to connect and combine various types of devices in the power system. They mainly serve as a transmission load and protection. They are a kind of power equipment. We are also common in life. For example: insulators, Bird Flight Diverter, safety nets, etc.

Power fittings can be divided into many types, each of which has different performance characteristics and functions. The power fitting manufacturer gives you an example:

1. Anchoring hardware: It is a kind of fastening fitting. The fitting is mainly used to fasten the ends of the wire. Some anchoring fittings can also act as electrical conductors.

2. Connection fittings: mainly used as a connection, mainly used for the connection of insulators and fittings and fittings.

3. Protective fittings: As the name suggests, it acts as a protective protection, mainly to protect wires and insulators, like:Helical Dead End.

4. Fixed fittings: It is the power plant fittings that people often say. These fittings are mainly fixed hard busbars or soft busbars and pillar insulators. Most of the fixed fittings are not used as electrical conductors, mainly for fixed connection.

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