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Why Does The Surface Treatment Of Cable Stockbridge Damper Use Hot-Dip Galvanized?

Apr. 04, 2019

Hot galvanizing as a common way of Cable Stockbridge Damper corrosion, in the process is also called hot dip zinc and hot dip galvanized, is the use of zinc reduction is greater than the principle of iron, to protect the steel base, so as to extend the service life of steel. Hot galvanizing technology is around 500 ℃ after cleaning of steel in liquid zinc melting, the zinc layer adhered on the surface of the Custom Metal Stamping Products members, which have the purpose of corrosion protection.

The advantage of hot galvanizing is its strong anticorrosion ability, adhesion and hardness of galvanized layer is better. Hot galvanizing is often used in power line construction. Continuous hot dip galvanizing process: steel -- heating -- cooling to galvanizing temperature -- galvanizing -- cooling.

Cable Stockbridge Damper

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