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Wire Constant Tension Clamps Crimping Process Standard

Jan. 31, 2019

(1) The connection part of the Constant Tension Clamps shall not be defective in cable stranding, strand breakage, strand shortage, etc.; there shall be no obvious loose strands near the nozzle after crimping.

(2) The electrical contact surface of the aluminum parts shall be smooth and smooth, and no defects such as bumps, scratches, pits and indentations exceeding the limit deviation of the plate thickness shall be allowed.

(3) Anti-rust paint for Tension Clamp should be applied after the steel pipe is pressed.

(4) The post-press size shall be measured with a vernier caliper with an accuracy of not less than 0.02 mm, and the maximum margin of the pair shall not exceed the recommended value.

(5) The bending degree after pressing should not exceed 2%, otherwise it should be straightened, and the tensile tube after straightening should not have cracks.

(6) The holding strength is not less than 95% of the design using the breaking force.

Constant Tension Clamps

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