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What Are The Requirements In Production Process Of Fitting Transmission Line Accessories?

Jan. 05, 2019

Fitting Transmission Line Accessories have stricter specifications for product quality. Not only do they require smooth surfaces, no cracks, etc., and design technology manufacturing should be rationalized according to national standards. The power fitting manufacturer summarized that the production of electric power fittings should meet the following requirements:

1. The Spiral Vibration Damper shall withstand the relevant mechanical loads that may occur during installation, maintenance, and operation, and meet the requirements of various working conditions such as design working current, working temperature and environment.

2. The connecting parts of the fittings should be guaranteed not to be loose during operation. The fittings related to the live maintenance of the line are safe and easy to disassemble. The fittings should minimize the loss of tape and eddy current. The metal fitting itself should have anti-corona characteristics. When producing the fittings, the effect of corona should be limited as much as possible for the rated voltage.

Fitting Transmission Line Accessories

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