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The Development Trend Of Link fitting Industry!

Feb. 11, 2019

As electricity consumption increases year by year, more and more electricity is used and it is used more and more widely. We can't do without it now. With the emphasis on environmental protection, coal-fired heating has become a thing of the past. At present, many households have changed to electric heating, which has further advanced the development of the power industry. The development of the Link fitting industry is also inseparable. It is a metal accessory that connects and combines various types of devices in the power system, transmission machinery, electrical load, transmission machinery and various protective functions. It plays a very important role in power transmission and transformation projects. The quality of its products is not only related to the safe operation of the power grid, but also to the safety of personal property.

For the Aluminium Vibration Damper industry, for the manufacturers that have already developed into a certain scale, the low-cost and disorderly price wars have cost them a lot of energy and strength, and they are constantly pouring into the new manufacturers in the industry every year, in order to have a small piece of our own in the market. Land, do not hesitate to use low prices as a sales competition industry, in an attempt to expand their territory. According to the function and structure, it can be divided into suspension clamp, tensile clamp, connecting fitting, connecting fitting, protective fitting, equipment clamp, T-clamp, busbar fitting, cable fitting, etc. Its main performance and application can be expected. In the future, the metalware factory has technical personnel to manage the work, strengthen the management of the enterprise, continuously promote technological progress, adjust the product structure, and serve the modern electrical industry with better products and perfect after-sales. This development trend is conceivable.

Link fitting

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