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What Daily Inspections Are Required After The Installation Of Metal Punching Product?

Dec. 03, 2018

After the installation of the Metal Punching Product, it is necessary to carry out regular inspections on the main scope of the customer's power receiving device. The inspection scope can be extended to the corresponding target location. The power fitting manufacturer reminds you that the scope of the main inspection of the power receiving device includes the following aspects.

1. There are many types of electricity prices.

2. Have their own power supply equipment (including self-supplied power plants).

3. There is secondary transformer power distribution.

4. There is a violation of the contract that needs to be extended.

5. There are electrical equipment that affects the quality of power.

6. Investigations affecting power system accidents are required.

7, customer needs to help check.

8. Other electricity inspections prescribed by law.

Metal Stamping Products are regularly inspected for safe and normal use.

Metal Punching Product

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