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How To Avoid Overheating Of Overhead Dead End Strain Clamps?

Dec. 07, 2018

In the power system, the hot spot passing through the high-voltage transmission line usually occurs on the connection fitting of the current-carrying wire, and the discharge or overheating of the Overhead Dead End Strain Clamps is extremely rare. In China, the transmission lines of 220kV and above should be installed on the entire line to reduce the probability of direct lightning strikes. The 220kV transmission line air-ground line is usually placed above the high-voltage transmission line with a galvanized steel strand with a cross-sectional area of not less than 35mm2. The empty ground line is connected to the ground of each pole, and some overhead lines of the transmission line extend to the incoming line structure of the substation. The overhead ground wire is erected in parallel with the 220kV transmission line, and there is induced electricity on the AAAC Conductor Cable Overhead Conductor. Although the induction grid of the overhead ground wire is high, the current is small and there is no overheating.

Overhead Dead End Strain Clamps

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