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Particularity Of The Use Of Power Fittings

Apr. 27, 2019

The Power Fittings is a metal component used to connect the transmission line tower, the wire, the lightning conductor and the insulator, or to protect the wire, the lightning conductor, the insulator and the like.

Basic requirements: SM Fiber Optic Jumpers are generally made of cast steel and malleable cast iron. It is required that the line fittings should have sufficient mechanical strength to have good electrical properties for a part of the fittings connecting the conductors. In the manufacturing process, the line fittings should be free of burrs, traps, traps, and cracks. The surface should be smooth and the galvanized layer should be uniform. The matching fittings should be of suitable specifications, no missing parts, no rust, and the screws and nuts should be well matched. The contact surface between the hull plate and the wire should be smooth, and the manufacturing quality and size should conform to the national standard.

Power Fittings

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