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Use Power Line Fittings, Pay Attention To Every Step

Apr. 11, 2019

1, pay attention to check before using the Plastic Joint Box and power lines, to ensure the integrity, no damage, no leakage phenomenon.

2, the power supply panel to install leakage circuit breaker.

3, the wiring should have a qualified electrician, not a non-electrician electrical work.

4, when used to bring gloves, protective glasses and other protective equipment.

5, industrial equipment shields sure to complete, not demolition.

6, the Power Line Fittings mechanical strength between the parts to fit the size.

7, install the fittings to leave some distance, so as not to exceed the height of the car accident caused by a broken line on the bottom across the line.

8, with the wire fittings, should match the size of the ground-sectional direction should be correct.

9, porcelain insulators failed to timely maintenance or aging failure on the line, but also timely replacement of porcelain insulators after the pressure test.

10, the wire will be affected because of the weather so that oxidation damage, lightning line is very easy to damp, severe corrosion, you should always check and replace.

Power Line Fittings

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