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Causes And Elimination Methods Of Electric Power Fittings

Jan. 09, 2019

Power fittings support types include suspension clamps, Preformed Tie, tension clamps, connecting fittings, and protective fittings.

Fixed support grades primarily meet mechanical properties such as nominal damage loads and grip strength requirements.

Commonly used materials are: malleable cast iron, gray cast iron, carbon structural steel (steel, steel), high-strength aluminum alloy.

The cause of heating of Cable Stockbridge Damper is magnetic: hysteresis and eddy current loss heating and closed loop circulation loss heat, which will increase with the increase of current (load).

Elimination method: increase the distance between the iron piece (heating element) and the conductor; open the closed loop, install the insulating pad to eliminate the circulation; take electromagnetic shielding; take the phase separation closed bus.

Preformed Tie

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