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Transmission Line Spiral vibration Damper Process Advantages

Apr. 01, 2019

Transmission line with continuous adjustable connection hardware, including u-shaped screws, thick plate, Spiral vibration Damper, pull, nut, spring washer and the split pin, the pull board is equipped with three holes are arranged side by side, including u-shaped plate are arranged side by side screws through three holes of the lateral two hole, through the thick nut and spring washer, fixed TAB through pull plate to align three holes of the middle hole, and through the thick nut and spring washer, fixed in U have three pin hole on both ends of the screw, insert pin hole fixed splint.

The advantage is that the Preformed Armor Rods can be continuously adjusted according to the actual engineering needs, with a wide range of adjustment and accurate size adjustment, which can effectively ensure the balance of the force on the double suspension insulator string of the wire and make the line safer in long-term operation. The connecting hardware is simple in processing, convenient in construction and good in adjustability.

Spiral vibration Damper

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