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Suspension Settings Manufacturer Participate In The Formation

Apr. 08, 2019

In March, six members of our company participated in the special training camp on copying and practicing the military regulations of the excellent team of Bo Shang school for three days and two nights. During this period of study, each student gained a lot.

Suspension Settings Manufacturer will comply with the following requirements: "absolute obedience, for the responsible, no excuses, immediate action, to create excellence."Obey the arrangement of the company, take the initiative to undertake, do not shirk, responsible for themselves, responsible for the company. Act now, because no one can predict the future, a lot of things may be waiting then forever nothing, Do what you want to do cause time will not wait for you ,Do not leave too much regret . The more efforts we do, the more closer dream will be .

For this activity, the most impression is the three unity of team building: unity of thought, goal and action. Only when the three are unified can we build a first-class team. We build our team together and set annual goals for the team and individuals. With a positive attitude to study, work, always give colleagues around the positive energy. Truly achieve the unity of thought, goal and action.

Gratitude! Thanks again for our company and everyone around us. We will always be grateful to work and life.

Suspension Settings Manufacturer

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