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Insulation Lever For Live Working With Tension Clamp B

Mar. 07, 2019

Insulated lever method for crimping 10kV Tension Clamp for live working, including integral 10kV crimp-type tension clamps with cantilevered baffles at the bottom, wire fixing devices that can be inserted into the guide bars; The fixing device comprises a tubular baffle fixing clip, a circular arc-shaped baffle fixing piece disposed in the notch of the baffle fixing clip, and screwing from the outside to the inside from the bottom of the brace fixing clip A fastening bolt that bears against the branch wire guide bar fixing piece and a wire crimping pipe that is connected to the outer end of the flow guide bar fixing wire clamp.

After replacing the 10kV Tension Dead End of the prior art structure, when using the insulated operating rod operation method to electrify the draining wire, first insert the branch wire into the wire crimping pipe, and press the wire and the crimping pipe with a crimping machine. Connect the fastening, use the insulated operating rod (can also be manually powered off) to insert the guide rod fixing clamp outside the deflector, and use another fastening insulated lever (can also be manually powered) to rotate the fastening bolt The driving rod fixing piece is raised to stand against the flow guiding rod, thereby fastening the branch line in the wire crimping pipe and the flow guiding rod, and the overlapping work of the branch line is easily completed. This process simplifies the lap process of the 10kV drain line, reduces the work intensity, and achieves a fast and safe live lap 10kV drain line. It is easy to fix the branch line and the trunk line, safe and reliable, saving time and effort.

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