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Terminal Connector Construction Advantages

Mar. 14, 2019

1. Simple operation method: Terminal Connector can be branched at any position of the main cable during construction, without cutting off the main cable, and eliminating the steps of stripping the edge layer, making cable joints, crimping terminals, and insulation wrapping.

2. Good electrical performance: The use of the Suspension Clamp has little effect on the mechanical properties and electrical performance of the bar. The conductive contact is made of copper alloy technology, has no electrochemical reaction, and has excellent insulation and waterproof performance. It can be placed under water for a long time after installation.

3, the supply requirements are simple: common specifications products can be used with the purchase, can be branched anywhere, compared with the pre-branch cable does not need to order several months in advance, and the pre-branch cable can not be changed after arrival.

4, strong adaptability: suitable for copper-aluminum butt joint and copper-aluminum transition, strong electrical conductivity

Terminal Connector

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