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 Metal Joint Box Dome Splice Closure For OPGW  Metal Joint Box Dome Splice Closure For OPGW

Metal Joint Box Dome Splice Closure For OPGW

Product details

1. Usage and characteristics

Optical fiber closure is used for protecting the optical fiber fusion splicing head between two different optical cabers;a reserved section of optical fiber will be kept in the closure for maintenance purpose.In according to environmental conditions,Optical fiber closure is divided into Closure for pole and Closure for tower; in according to the different shell material ,it is divided into plastic Closure and Metal Closure.1) Plastic Closure is used for ADSS Cable2) Compare with Plastic Closure,Metal Closure has many obvious advantages as mechanical strength ,leak tightness and corrosion resistance .it’s usually used for OPGW

2、Product Specification

Input-1,Output-1 Metal Joint Box for PolePJJ 02-048-H*8-48For ADSS and OPGW 
PJJ 02-096-H*48-96
Input-2,Output-2          Metal Joint Box for PolePJJ 04-048-H*8-48Also Suitable for Input-2,Output-1
PJJ 04-096-H*48-96
Input-1,Output-1          Metal Joint Box for TowerPJJ 02-048-T12-48For ADSS and OPGW 
PJJ 02-096-T48-96
Input-2,Output-2          Metal Joint Box for TowerPJJ 04-048-T12-48Also Suitable for Input-2,Output-1
PJJ 04-096-T48-96

Note:1)02/04 Cable ports,no more than 62) H*---Dia.of pole(mm)

Suitable for Max Dia. For pole(mm)3104606008001000

3. Packing /shipping/ Terms of Payment

Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product cartons,wooden cases (as customer's requirements)Delivery: usually,it will take about two weeks for the order of 10000 sets for productionTerms of Payment : By T/T

4. The product is also named what in form as follows:

Optic Fiber Cable 
Cap-type Metal Joint Box
splice  joint box
cable splice
Optical Splice Closure 
Splice Closure for Opgw Cable
Metal Splice Closure 
fiber optic closure
Fiber optical  dome closure 

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