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Metal Stamping ProductsMetal Stamping ProductsMetal Stamping ProductsMetal Stamping Products

Metal Stamping Products

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High quality custom metal stamping products can be got here, such as metal punching product, metal stamping products,stainless steel punch welding part, sheet metal fabrication parts and so on. Best service will be provided for you.



 Aluminum,Stainless steel,Brass,Copper,Bronze......

Surface Treatment

Electro Zinc Plating,Hot deep zinc plating,Electrophoresis,Powder coating,Painting ,Shoot blasting etc.


stamping,CNC machining,forging,bending,welding,punching,Sand casting,Investment Casting,Precision Casting


 all kinds of mechanical equipment,customer designated equipment,various places to need stamping parts

Certificate: ISO9001


 We are able to design,develop and produce what customers require and meet requirements through providing drawings or sample.

Metal Stamping Products

Metal Stamping Products

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