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Hanging Cable Anchor Clamp / Plastic Tension ClampHanging Cable Anchor Clamp / Plastic Tension Clamp

Hanging Cable Anchor Clamp / Plastic Tension Clamp

Product details

Product Description

This Conical wedge clamp composed of an opened thermoplastic body with very high mechanical and climatic resistance, an inner sheath consisting one or two insulating plastic wedges ensuring the clamping of the neutral messenger without damaging cable insulation. Two stainless bail ends are compressed on it to lock intoclamp. Simple assembling because the wedges open by pulling them back. The flexible steel loop can be fixed into a closed eye bracket.

Packing /shipping/ Terms of Payment

Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product cartons,wooden cases (as customer's requirements)

Delivery: usually, it will take about two weeks for the order of 10000 sets for production

Terms of Payment : T/T and Western Union

The product is also named what in form as follows:

Strain clamp 
tension clamp
adss fitting
tension dead end 
preformed dead end 
helical dead end 
Stay Wire/ Guy Grip
Preformed Guy Grips /Dead End Clamp
constant tension clamps
cable accessories

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