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Copper Clad Steel Preformed Armor Rod

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★ Copper Clad Steel Preformed Armor Rod.
★ Protect conductors/strands against bending, compression, abrasion and arcover damage , provide restorative repair.
★ Minimum loss / Well corrosion resistance /Easy installation .

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Usage and characteristics

The main function of the armor rods is to protect conductors/strands against bending, compression, abrasion and arcover damage and to provide restorative repair.
ERY IMPORTANT: The lay direction of the fittings must be identical to the outer layer of the specified conductor. The rods of the fitting are refaced in the ends to avoid damages in the assembly and to the specified conductor. Refacing of the ends is made by abrasion in the rods up to 4,62 mm. When the rods are of aluminium and the diameter is major or equal to 5, 18mm, are BALLENDED rods.These rods can be made with PARROT BILL ENDED rods, if the electric line requires this type of end for corona protection.

Diagrammatic Drawing of Installation



Packing /shipping/ Terms of Payment

Packaging: preformed guy grip according to the concrete product, Usually packed with cartons, wooden cases(as customer’s requirements)
Delivery: usually, it will take about two weeks for the order of 10000 sets for production
Terms of Payment : By T/T


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