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German Electric Power Fair

German Electric Power Fair

—–Frankfurt Exhibition in Germany

On May 1, 1851, the world’s first Great exhibition was held in England.

After the completion of the Industrial revolution, Britain has become a first-class power in the world. No one doubts the great power of Britain, because of the great calling power brought by the power, Britain hosted the first World Expo. Queen Victoria sent a diplomatic invitation, and ten countries accepted.


The annual rings of history roll forward. More than a hundred years have passed. With the development of the world’s first, second and even third industrial revolution, a variety of exhibitions have been launched in several countries around the world, and various fields and industries are in full swing. The exhibition, where countries from all over the world gather together, plays an indisputable and pivotal role in world trade. Since its establishment, Henvcon has actively participated in exhibitions, including exhibitions from South America, Asia and Africa, making its own contribution to the world trade. The exciting moment is coming. After two years of global epidemic impact, the multi-country exhibition could not be held as scheduled. Now, the international epidemic prevention has made breakthrough progress, and the exhibition tradition will sweep the world again. At this time, our company once again set foot on a foreign land, leading our company’s elite team and excellent products and services to the world’s famous industrial power – Germany. The exhibition is called Enlit Europe 2022 and runs from November 29 to December 1, 2022. The exhibition is located in Frankfurt, a famous industrial city in Germany. Frankfurt is an important industrial and commercial, financial and transportation center in Germany and even Europe. It is located in Hesse state in western Germany, and in the lower reaches of the Main River, a tributary of the central Rhine River. The booth number is 12.0.B81.


All staff of Hengweitong sincerely invite international friends and peers to visit the exhibition, we will be in the best state and warm reception to welcome you! Looking forward to a wonderful and pleasant meeting with you in the beautiful industrial capital Frankfurt. See you on November 29!


We believe that this exhibition will bring great opportunities and challenges to Henvcon, so that the company can connect with the world, go international, better understand the market and peers, and strive to become an international large enterprise. At the same time, the name of Henvcon will be famous overseas and enjoy a worldwide reputation. Since ancient times, if an enterprise wants to become bigger and stronger, it must not rely on being complacent, but constantly go out to learn and contact to develop broader resources and contacts for itself.


Post time: Oct-18-2022