Guangdong Henvcon Electric Power Technology CO., LTD.

Honorable Moment

On January 6, 2023, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province announced the list of small and medium-sized en terprises that will be specialized, refined and new in 2022. After the procedures of independent application, strict review, expert selection and review, Guangdong Hengweitong Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Henvcon”) won the title of “specialized, refined and new” small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province.

The recognition of Guangdong Province’s specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises is another major honor for Henvcon as a high-tech enterprise and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise. As a qualified supplier of the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, it fully affirms and reflects Henvcon’s position and achievements in technological innovation capability and enterprise management in the industry.

“Specialization and innovation” refers to small and medium-sized enterprises with the advantages of specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty. Enterprises have long focused on market segmentation, mastered core technology, strong innovation strength, high market share, and are in the key link of the industrial supply chain, which is helpful to fill the gaps in the national industrial chain in the field of segmentation with technological breakthroughs.        ”Special” refers to products with strong specificity, obvious professional characteristics and strong market specialization that are produced by specialized production using special technology or process. Its main characteristics are the specialization of product use, the specialization of production process, the specialization of technology and the specialization of products in the market segment.

“Refined” refers to the refined products that are carefully designed and produced by adopting advanced and applicable technologies or processes, establishing sophisticated and efficient management systems and processes according to the concept of excellence. Its main characteristics are the delicacy of products, the profundity of technology and the refinement of enterprise management.

“native” refers to products with regional characteristics or special functions that are developed and produced by using unique processes, technologies, formulas or special raw materials. Its main feature is the specialization of products or services. “New” refers to high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights that are developed and produced by independent innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint innovation or introduction of digestion, absorption and re-innovation. Its main characteristics are the innovation and progressiveness of products (technologies), high technology content, high added value and significant economic and social benefits.

In the future, Henvcon will focus more on the path of specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty, continue to strengthen scientific and technological research and development, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, deepen the combination of “production, education, research and application”, actively build the industry leader of cable fittings and cable fittings, continue to make efforts in the field of subdivision, continue to innovate in the field of science and technology, move towards higher quality development, and make due contributions to strengthening the manufacturing industry and leading the innovation.

Post time: Jan-16-2023