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Start the day with a smart body

Friday, September 30,2022

Start the day with a smart body

——records the development of the Constable Tong morning exercise culture

The national sports atmosphere is becoming more and more intense, the square, the park, the playground and gyms can be seen everywhere sports figure. HENVCON athletes are not to be outdone, have started the trend of the morning movement, dancing, uniform uniform and uniform action, a good magnificant scene.


Every morning, when the first ray of sunshine shines into the corner of HENVCON, radiant, energetic people have been standing neatly in front of the company gate, they are full of passion for life, full of love for work, yearning for sports. They held up their hands happily, smiling all, and looking positive. With enthusiastic movement to open a day of good mood, to dance posture open a day of passionate state, in front of the dance is two energetic younger sister, they spare no effort to dance, demonstrate, patiently teach each action, to ensure that everyone master the gesture, so small action also embodies them in the face of work of conscientious and rigorous responsible attitude. Behind the friends at first will also have uncoordinated movements, limbs stiff, but no matter how uncomfortable, they will not be defeated by difficulties, concentrated, modest and dedicated to imitation and learning. During the continuous week of morning exercises, everyone’s progress is obvious, our team has become more and more neat and standardized, and everyone loves sports more and enjoys it.

picture2Life lies in the spirit of the movement and the atmosphere of the national movement is reflected incisively and vividly. Everyone may encounter all kinds of setbacks and difficulties, just like this morning exercise, at the beginning, everyone was afraid of strech their hands and feet, and then in the continuous learning and improvement, more and more skilled, gradually extended, and finally achieved a neat and standard presentation effect. This is also true of life, as long as we do not give up, do not compromise, constantly improve and learn, make a little progress every day, put perseverance and positive attitude in work and life, we will make great progress and obtain growth, this is a very valuable spirit, all the people of HENVCON will carry it out to the end, and be strict with ourselves.



Post time: Oct-08-2022