Guangdong Henvcon Electric Power Technology CO., LTD.

To Embrace Victory by Struggling Hard for Henvcon’s Team-building Activity in 2022

We, from all over the country, are gathered together by fate, like many small rivers of different origins flowing into the ocean due to gravity, forming the big family of Henvcon.

In line with the original intention of improving teamwork ability and execution ability, and deepening the employees’ sense of love for job and dedication, Guangdong Henvcon Company carried out a 2-day lasting group-building activity in the Legend Camp which was located in Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City. Forty-eight colleagues from various departments of the company participated in this event.

Grasping the tail of spring, we set out on the journey by bus just for an exciting appointment. Everyone was anxious and looking forward to it, anxious about its unknown factors, and looking forward to its wonderful parts. As soon as they arrived at the camp and put away their luggage, everyone immediately lined up and waited for the instructor’s command. Standing in a military posture and following the command “look forward, turn right, take a break and stand still”, it reminds us of the military training life in our student days.

Then we lined up according to the divided teams, there were ”Eagle Team”, “Extermination-all Team”, “Knife Team” and “Wolf Team”. Each team competed by shouting slogans, to check which team did it more unanimously and loudly. The sound waves on the playground were higher and higher. For the team honor, every member shouted as loud as possible they could, which perfectly showed the mien of “Henvcon people”, confident, high-spirited and upward. Immediately after entering the “Fantastic Pen” section, each team should practise writing first the company name on the red paper, and then, the team’s name on the team flag. It sounded easy, but it wasnt easy to let several people control the brush to write Chinese characters of complex structure by pulling the wires. Because if their forces were inconsistent, the characters written resulted crooked and unsightly. Fortunately, through the team’s concerted cooperation, all groups completed the task relatively successfully.