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Walking on Dongqing Lake and Touching Nature

Saturday, July 16, 2022 Sunny

Walking on Dongqing Lake and Touching Nature

—— Memorize HENVCON first hike of 14.8km in 2022

The wind is warm and the sun is setting in the west. The athletes of HENVCON are planning a huge free walking tour. They welcome the whole 14.8-kilometer hiking in a happy mood.

The personnel department will assign vehicles to the travelers. At 5:30 p.m., we got on the car at the gate of HENVCON Company and prepared to go to the destination. The car was full of laughter and laughter along the way, chatting and talking about life and interesting things.

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We arrived at Dongqing Lake at about 5:45. It was a large lake rippling by the breeze. It was sparkling in the sunset that had not yet finished. The place where we stood was an empty table, and we were oncoming. It was the summer wind that swept across the lake. Standing in the huge wetland park.

After the staff was full, we recorded the pleasant and unforgettable moments of this hiking about HENVCON in the beautiful scenery. English letters: HENVCON journey has you, the scenery is infinite. This shows the infinite love for nature and the warm embrace of life of HENVCON employees. The employees of HENVCON must be full of strength to treat work, treat life with a positive and optimistic attitude, and achieve a perfect balance between work and life.

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On the way, despite the hot weather, it cannot stop HENVCON enthusiasm and joy. We are enjoying the beautiful scenery of the journey with our hearts, we are using cameras to record the beauty of life, and we are chatting and laughing with colleagues with sincere feelings, and it is a harmonious harmony. territory.

The color of the sky gradually changed from blue to dark gray, and our journey was getting farther and farther. Hiking is like life. The starting point and the ending point are just a fixed position. We start from the starting point and move forward at our own pace. Some people are running, some are riding, and some are walking slowly, but in the end, we will experience ups and downs along the way, happiness and joy. We are tired, appreciate the infinite beautiful scenery on the journey, and meet people and things of various styles. The important thing is that we learn to treat everything on the journey with a grateful attitude, and use an eye that discovers beauty to touch the birds and flowers of the world.

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