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  • Immobility Clamp/Pole Fasten Clamp

    Immobility Clamp/Pole Fasten Clamp

    Usage and characteristics Immobility Clamp is used for fixing or connecting other hardware fittings onto the tower/pole.It is divided into Immobility Clamp for tower and Immobility Clamp for Pole.Immobility Clamp for tower uses metal clamp while Immobility Clamp for Pole uses hoop. Tension Clamp is used for angle tower or terminal tower to provide suspension point for ADSS cable.Straight Clamp is used on tangent tower while hoop is used to fix Helical Dead-end and Helical Suspension Set on th...
  • Vibration Damper/ Armour Rod

    Vibration Damper/ Armour Rod

    Usage and characteristics 4D Vibration damper is composed of two different weight hammers stranded galvanization steel wire with high elasticity and high-intensity ,and aluminum alloy clamp. The 4D series Vibration dampers we provided are Stock-bridge Tuning Fork,with four resonant frequencies ,the frequency range is from 3Hz to 150Hz.with wide frequency range ,the 4D vibration damper can highly consume vibration energy,and effectively dissipate the energy caused by cable Aeolian vibration,re...
  • Suspension Set For Conductor

    Suspension Set For Conductor

    ★ Single Suspension Clamp
    ★ Double Suspension Clamp
    ★ The fulcrum of suspension dispersed the stress to the preformed rods, minimizing the static stress and dynamic stress of the conductor. Avoid the damage of the conductor.
    ★ Dispersed the stress on suspension fulcrum, enhanced the fatigue resistance of the conductor, prolong the service life.
    ★ The design of preformed rods provied credible grip strength, enduring the inbalance load, so as to avoid the slip of conductor.
    ★ Special structure design debased the loss of electromagnetism and eliminated the discharge of corona, saving more energy than the traditional suspension sets.
    ★ The design enhanced the rigidity of the fulcrum on conductor, and augment the curvature radius. The single fulcrum can turn a angel with 300 . and the double suspension fulcrum can turn a angel with 600 .

  • Double Suspension Set of OPGW

    Double Suspension Set of OPGW

    Usage and characteristics OPGW Double Suspension Set is adopted design proposal of dual suspension housings,the whole set is composed of Armor Rods,Outer rods,two sets of suspension housing ,Grounding wire Clamps and mated link is mainly used for OPGW installation and supporting on straight pole and tower with high falling head,large span length,and line angle is larger than 30° Product Specification Type Available Dia. of Cable(mm) Length of Structural Reinforcing Rods(mm...
  • Single /Double  Suspension Clamp for OPGW/ADSS Optic Fiber Cable Apply for Tower or Pole

    Single /Double Suspension Clamp for OPGW/ADSS Optic Fiber Cable Apply for Tower or Pole

    Usage and characteristics Helical Suspension Set is mainly used for hanging and supporting optical fiber cable on straight pole and tower,to transmit axial load and divert axial pressure which provide well protection for optical cable,to avoid emergencies happen such as too small bending radius or stress concentration.Grip strength of the Suspension Set is larger than 15%-20% rated tensile strength of the cable,which is fatigue resistance and can serve as vibration reduction Product Specifica...
  • Preformed Tension Set of OPGW/ADSS Cable Installation, Helical Tension Set for ADSS or OPGW

    Preformed Tension Set of OPGW/ADSS Cable Installation, Helical Tension Set for ADSS or OPGW

    Usage and characteristics OPGW Helical Tension Set is mainly used for installation of cable with less than 160KN RTS  onto tension tower /pole,corner tower/pole,and terminal tower/pole.A complete set of OPGW Helical Tension Set includes Aluminum Alloy or Aluminum or Aluminum-Clad steel Dead-end,Structural Reinforcing Rods,Supporting fittings and Grounding wire Clamps etc. Product Specification Type Available Dia. of Cable(mm) Failing Load(KN) Min.(mm) Max.(mm) ONY-0780 7.2...
  • Short Span Suspension Set and Single Layer Suspension Set

    Short Span Suspension Set and Single Layer Suspension Set

    Usage and characteristics Short Span Suspension Set for ADSS cable is mainly used for span length within 100M;Single Layer Suspension Set is mainly used for span length between 100M and 200M. Product Specification Item Type Length of Rods(mm) Available Dia of Cable(mm)) Available Span(M) Tangent Clamp for ADSS AXQ-1110 0 9.0-11.1 100 AXQ-1330 0 11.2-13.3 100 AXQ-1550 0 13.4-15.5 100 Single layer Helical rods tangent clamp for ADSS AXD-1030 800 9.4-10.3 200...
  • Single Suspension Set for ADSS

    Single Suspension Set for ADSS

    Usage and characteristics If Suspension Set for ADSS is adopted double layers helical rods designing,generally it is used for 300M-400M span length ADSS installation. Suspension set for ADSS is composed by aluminum alloy helical rods,Aluminum housing and other link fittings. Product Specification Type Available Dia of Cable(mm) Available Span(M) Min.(mm) Max.(mm) AXYD-1010 300 9.0 10.1 200/300 AXYD-1110 300 10.2 11.1 200/300 AXYD-1210 300 11.2 12.1 ...
  • Preformed Tension Dead-end For Conductor

    Preformed Tension Dead-end For Conductor

    ★ Conductor Tension Dead-end
    ★ Grounding Wire Tension Dead-end
    ★ Guy Tension Dead-end
    ★ The clamp distributing the stress uniformity, improved ability of aseismatic without any
    damage on conductor.So that extended the using life of the conductor.
    ★ The Tension Dead-end clamp is able to endure the high intension and grip strength. The grip strength of clamp is not less than 95% CUTS.
    ★ It bears the excellence of easy installation and construction, Shorted the working time. Operated this clamp by one person and need the special tool.
    ★ Easy to guarantee the quality of installation, inspectioned by optic view without special trainning.
    ★ Prefect corrosion resistance; The same material with conductor promiss that the clamp owned excellent ability of electrochemistry corrosion resistance.

  • Copper Clad Steel Preformed Armor Rod

    Copper Clad Steel Preformed Armor Rod

    ★ Copper Clad Steel Preformed Armor Rod.
    ★ Protect conductors/strands against bending, compression, abrasion and arcover damage , provide restorative repair.
    ★ Minimum loss / Well corrosion resistance /Easy installation .

  • PVC Plastic insulator tie

    PVC Plastic insulator tie

    Usage and characteristics PVC plastic single line/top ties are intended for use with covered conductors and vertically-mounted tie top insulators on cross arms or pole-top-mounted insulators.Line angles of up to 15°can be accommodated when used with any plastic covered conductor. Material: PVC plastic single line/top ties are made from white PVC.This material has the advantages:UV resistance,tensile strength,impact strength, flexural strength and self-extinguishing properties. Packing /shipp...
  • Bird Flight Diverter, Helical PVC Bird Driving Device

    Bird Flight Diverter, Helical PVC Bird Driving Device

    Usage and characteristics The Preformed Line Product flight Diverter is designed for use on overhead conductors to create greater visibility for avian flight paths on overhead lines and tower down guys. Offering little wind resistance, it reduces hazards to both lines and birds. For low and medium voltage construction, apply flight Diverter to phase conductors (bare or jacketed). For high voltages, it is typically used on shield wire.Flight Diverter is lightweight, offers little wind resistan...
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