Guangdong Henvcon Electric Power Technology CO., LTD.


1.Pre-sales service

(1) if the user needs, help the user who is not familiar with the product to select the most suitable product, the correct specifications and model.
(2) warmly welcome users' visits, and timely deal with users' calls, letters and responsibilities.

2.Sales and services

(1) deliver goods on time according to the technical requirements of the contract and the production, quality and quantity of the relevant national standards.
(2) if the user requests, our company will provide users with the knowledge of using the goodsold tools free of charge, and guide the users to construct correctly on the website.
(3) the company will be an emergency user, special situation special treatment, production priority arrangement, according to special circumstances, delivery or special requirements, meet the requirements of users.

3.After-sales service

(1) the user needs to solve the problem of product quality problems after use, the company in eight hours to reply, if necessary, the company sent technical service personnel within 24 hours or entrust the local sales company, the specialized agencies, maintenance services, on-site service, and do the quality problem is not solved, the other workers not to evacuate.
(2) our company is responsible for the damage, quality and shortage of the products before inspection.
(3) in the operation of the quality guarantee period (12 months) or quality problem, confirmed by both parties, this is our responsibility, our company is responsible for free treatment defects or change, return money, and promises to 10 days in general services in place, reasonable expenses shall be borne by our company.
(4) both parties confirm that this is a quality problem caused by user responsibility.Our company also actively helps to solve this problem and tries to meet the needs of users.
(5) due to the change of the user design, product specification, type and amount of change, the company will actively respond to the user's urgent needs, try to meet the requirements of users, if the product of the practical need of the user or cannot continue to use due to design changes, the company will actively cooperate with the user processing work, reduce the burden of the user.
(6) in the process of installation and use, users need to provide technical guidance, and our company will send professional technicians to provide free services to users.
(7) the user company files, regular access to the user's opinion and the suggestion, correctly guide the user statistics and analysis of quality problem, improve the company's management, improve the quality of product quality and marketing services, the pursuit of perfect, meet the needs of the user.