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  • To Embrace Victory by Struggling Hard for Henvcon’s Team-building Activity in 2022

    We, from all over the country, are gathered together by fate, like many small rivers of different origins flowing into the ocean due to gravity, forming the big family of Henvcon. In line with the original intention of improving teamwork ability and execution ability, and deepening the employees&...
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  • “Active life in unstoppable movement”

    “Active life in unstoppable movement”

    Record of Henvcon’s second internal basketball friendship match A health body is the guarantee of good job, and life lies in movement. In order to improve the physical quality of employees and strengthen the internal unity and cooperation among various departments, Henvcon held the second b...
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  • The difference between optical cables

    When it comes to optical cables and cables, everyone must not feel unfamiliar. Indeed, optical cables and cables are very common items in our daily life, and they undertake the responsibility of our communication. Since these two cables don’t look very different in appearance, many of us ca...
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  • Factory Visit and Audit by “Fiberhome” for New Supplier

    Factory Visit and Audit by “Fiberhome” for New Supplier

    On October 19, 2021, accompanied by the General Manager of our company, Mr. Qiao, the review group of Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd conducted an on-site audit of our factory. With great importance attached to it, we arranged the reception area in advance. Having introduced t...
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  • Excellent Bird Flight Diverters You Can’t Miss in 2021

    Excellent Bird Flight Diverters You Can’t Miss in 2021

    Bird flight diverters are useful products today, which are, indeed, helpful in avoiding power outages caused by birds hitting vacuum switches on high-voltage utility poles. Suppose you are sitting comfortably, performing your routine job, suddenly you hear a loud bang, and power is tripped. Later...
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