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2023 with you

December 31, 2022, in the past 2022, belongs to a certain day in the future. However, this day has become a history forever. Time is a magical concept. Although it cannot be touched, it is always embracing. It is impartial and evenly scattered in the world. That day has become an ordinary unknown sand in the long river of history, but an ordinary day will become a precious memory in the extraordinary years. Days are merciless, A machine without memory, while human memory is a flexible eternity, this day will also be frozen forever, frozen in the hearts of every Hengwei Tongren.


It is long and slow. Time passes away unconsciously like an hourglass. Some people cherish time, do as many meaningful things as possible in the limited time, enrich their wings, and fly freely in the wider sky one day in the future. The meaning of life is not how long, but how wonderful. Try to make themselves a bright pearl every day, and make life a dazzling pagoda, regardless of the weather, Sunshine and rain, they are still standing in the ocean, proud of all fragrance.

The year 2022 has entered an exciting countdown, and Hengweitong’s partners have also started to celebrate the New Year in a unique way, bringing a sense of New Year’s ceremony to themselves and all Hengweitong people, saying goodbye to 2022 without regret, and looking forward to 2023 with great expectations.


The early bird catches the worm. Early in the morning, the hard-working Hengwei Tongren had started to use the New Year’s props to celebrate the New Year.


Surprise came in the afternoon. Colorful cakes of all kinds gathered together. They smiled and said Happy New Year to everyone. With the vibrant dynamic music, colleagues gradually entered the festival atmosphere and went to the meeting room to distribute cakes. Some people like strawberries, others like blueberries, and others like chocolate. All kinds of cakes are divided into three parts and five parts. Everyone’s faces are full of bright smiles, and the atmosphere of harmony and friendship between colleagues is vividly displayed at this moment. In the new year, people will forge ahead with new goals and shine in the coming Year of the Rabbit. Hengweitong will also achieve a win-win situation with the joint efforts of many small partners who are forging ahead bravely. Let’s go forward hand in hand, say goodbye to the beautiful and full 2022, and stay in the deep soul forever, full of joy, and look forward to and welcome a new and exciting 2023!

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Post time: Jan-04-2023