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Listen to “The end of HENVCON 2022″

he end of 2022 is about to ring, 2022 HENVCON staff with passionate steps to look forward to a New Year. Looking back on the past year, HENVCON staff strive to forge ahead, riveting enough progress. All departments actively cooperate to build a harmonious, loving, harmonious and united big family. At the beginning of this year, our company set the sales target for the whole year according to the market research. We participated in meaningful training to strive for long-term growth and always pay for our dreams. This year, our company has injected a lot of fresh blood, a large number of newly graduated college students into the big family of HENVCON, to bring new vitality and youthful energy to the big family. Mature and experienced employees lead new and dynamic people to learn together, and the whole company presents a thriving state, which is the progress of corporate culture and the embodiment of a better relationship between people. At the end of the year, the representatives of all departments published their work experiences to summarize their breakthroughs and progress in the year. Next, let’s go into HENVCON and enjoy the valuable work experience together.

 experience together

Mo Yehuang, R & D Department: At the beginning of my work, I have not yet formed a systematic and mature concept for the process, standardization, summary and review of the work. As a result, I was familiar with the product design manual and design standards during the day, and went to the workshop at night to learn the production process and production procedure of the product. However, compared with other colleagues, I realize that there are still many shortcomings in various aspects.

To this end, I have never stopped my own progress in terms of personal improvement! Benefited from the past in the university to develop good study habits, now difficult to breakthrough the difficulties in the process of work or bottleneck difficult, I usually in the evening the checking work during the day, the difficulty in the daytime, bottleneck problems or make summary, in order to test their work, the advantages and disadvantages of using the result of summed up perfect do enough good place, If you’re doing well, keep doing it.

I know very well that the accumulation of knowledge is not overnight, we should always keep the mentality of a rookie, continue to learn and grow; Only by learning can we put what we learn into practice.


R&d Zhong Yingyu: time flies, I since the beginning of 2022 work in guangdong heng tong power technology co., LTD has been rectified time, in the fleeting time, I learned drawing skills will not only university to work, but also for previous books no contact or contact is not deep module has a further understanding and learning. Since I started my work, with the cultivation and help of my leaders and colleagues, I have made great progress and achieved great gains both in study and work.

In the early stage of the work, my drawing speed, skills and standardization level were significantly improved, and I also had a deeper understanding of the company’s products. However, from the recent anti-vibration hammer project, I deeply realize that I do not know many key dimensions of anti-vibration hammer, that is to say, we are still lacking in the design module of the product, and we are not familiar with the parameter standards of many sizes. Most of the time still stay in the stage of copycat, hoping to break through this bottleneck with the support of the company in the later stage.


Wang Jixiong, Purchasing Department: Behind footsteps coming towards 2022, in the past nearly a year of time, has a small success, there is also a hint of loss, it is meaningful to have this in the past year, valuable and fruitful, we completed the shift from “price oriented” to “quality oriented” thought transformation, make full use of the quality, delivery, service, price law of four quadrant, Successfully completed the company’s procurement tasks.

Of course, in the past year, with the growing of the company’s business, continuously introducing new products, we are faced with the bottleneck of more and more, such as the import of new products will introduce new materials, increase the new equipment, increase the new processing technology, etc., these problems for purchasing department, is also a new challenge, It is necessary to supplement the knowledge of new materials, new equipment and new processes, and introduce a large number of new suppliers and new partners. However, we also believe that with the unity and concerted efforts of all departments of the company, these so-called bottlenecks will be overcome one by one.

Post time: Nov-09-2022